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FlyBase TV, and a letter of support for model organism communities

This week's video tip was prompted by a couple of things. First, it was a tweet from FlyBase, about their video channel. It's been a while since we'd done a FlyBase Tip of the Week, so that was enough of a reason. https://twitter.com/FlyBaseDotOrg/sta... MORE

Genonets, exploring genotype-phenotype relationships

Lately I've been keeping an eye on a lot of the tools that link individuals with sequence data, their phenotypes, and researchers/physicians who may either study or treat the associated medical issues (see MyGene2 most recently) . But there's a lot of... MORE

UCSC Genome Browser Exon-only Mode

The team at UCSC Genome Browser continues to update their resources and offer new ways to find and visualize features of interest to researchers. One of the newer features is the "multi-region" option.  When it was first launched, I did a tip on how t... MORE



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Friday SNPpets

This week's SNPpets include the highly topical human migration issues--those that weren't prohibited by the White House, at least. Speaking of charged issues--the NAS releases the CRISPR-human editing report next week. Also this week--human food crop resources and papers. Quinoa! But one that's truly key for science is the coffee genome, of course. I'll bet a disproportionate amount of science world-wide relies on caffeinated grad students. Also: sequencing Filbert. Not the nut. I love crowd-funded genome projects. And I added a nice graphic of clinical mutations that could be useful in public ... MORE

Fired up! Blogging resumes soon.

Mayor Joe Curtatone, Mary Mangan, Oliver Sellers-Garcia, Russell Koty, Christine Andrews. If you were a regular reader of the blog, you may have noticed the post last summer about my blogging sabbatical. I had volunteered to be the "solar coach" for my community, helping my neighbors to learn more about the possibility of having solar power on their homes. It was a fantastic experience. I did a lot of the same kinds of outreach things that I have been doing in genomics for years: videos, talks, booths, and other educational materials. I knew it would last past the summer, but I wasn't sure how... MORE

Friday SNPpets

This week's SNPpets includes some info on the Brexit fallout, at least some good news as it affects EMBL-EBI. The genomes of foodborne illness are being wrangled. A note about HapMap retirement and data access. The PDB tour of proteins is really fun. I thought we were done with single genomes of an organism with a name (like Susie the orang or Cinnamon the cat), but we now have Santander the 1200 year-old olive tree. See also high-throughput screening in plants--and a fitbit for plants in the field. Software citation principles. Genome papers vs genome reports. GTEx resources at UCSC Genome Bro... MORE