OpenHelix tutorials in category NCBI

This category includes resources maintained at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).

Subscription requiredBioSystemsDatabase of Biological SystemsNCBI BioSystems
Subscription requiredBLASTBasic Local Alignment and Search ToolNCBI BLAST
Subscription requiredComplete Microbial GenomesAn extensive collection of data, resources and tools for prokaryotic genomic analysisComplete Microbial Genomes
Subscription requireddbGaPA database of genotypes and phenotypes with extensive variation data and clinical detailsdbGaP
Subscription requireddbSNPNCBI's SNP databaseNCBI dbSNP
Subscription Comparative Genomics Developments, a collection of powerful comparative genomics anthology of comparative genomic tools
Subscription requiredEntrez GeneNCBI's Entrez tool for gene-centric informationNCBI Entrez Gene
Subscription requiredEntrez OverviewOverview of NCBI's Entrez Search ResourceNCBI Entrez
Subscription requiredEntrez ProteinNCBI's Entrez Protein for amino acid-centric informationNCBI Protein database
Subscription requiredGene Expression Omnibus (GEO)A gene expression/molecular abundance repository and a curated, online resource for gene expression dataGene Expression Omnibus (GEO)
Subscription requiredGENSATProvides an extensive amount of high quality images of gene expression in the central nervous system of the mouse.
Subscription requiredMap ViewerMap Viewer Genome Browser from NCBINCBI Map Viewer
Subscription requiredMMDBMolecular Modeling Database at NCBIMMDB
Subscription requiredNCBI OverviewHome to many commonly used publicly available databases and tools in molecular biology.Database resources of the National Center for Biotechnology Information
Subscription requiredPubMedPubMed access to biomedical research literatureNCBI PubMed
Subscription requiredRefSeqProvides molecular sequence records to help locate gene and protein data.RefSeq
Subscription requiredViral Genomes at NCBIViral genome resources including single-stranded or double-stranded RNA or DNA virusesNCBI Viral Resources