OpenHelix tutorials in category Genome Databases (euk)

Genomic databases or repositories primarily aimed at eukaryotic organisms. Some may contain prokaryotic data as well.

Subscription requiredBioMartManagement and querying of many types of biological dataBioMart
Subscription requiredDrugBankA chemoinformatics and bioinformatics resourceDrugBank
Subscription requiredENCODE Data at UCSCENCODE Data at UCSCENCODE Data Coordination Center at UCSC
Subscription requiredENCODE FoundationsENCyclopedia of DNA ElementsENCODE Data Coordination Center at UCSC
Subscription requiredEnsemblEnsembl Genome BrowserEnsembl
Subscription requiredEnsembl LegacyOlder version of Ensembl Genome BrowserEnsembl
Subscription requiredFlyBaseA resource for the genes, genome and molecular biology of Drosophila melanogaster and related species.FlyBase
Subscription requiredGBrowseGBrowse User Introductory TutorialGBrowse
Subscription requiredGrameneA resource on rice and other grass genomesGramene
Subscription requiredMap ViewerMap Viewer Genome Browser from NCBINCBI Map Viewer
Subscription requiredMouse Genome Informatics (MGI)The Mouse Genome Informatics resource provides data, tools, and analyses for the mouse model organism. Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI)
Subscription requiredOverview of Genome BrowsersVarious Genome Browsers examinedGBrowse
NCBI Map Viewer
Subscription requiredPlantGDBPlant Genome DatabasePlantGDB
Subscription requiredRat Genome Database (RGD)Rat Genome DatabaseRat Genome Database (RGD)
Subscription requiredSaccharomyces Genome Database (SGD)Saccharomyces Genome DatabaseSGD
Subscription requiredTAIRThe Arabidopsis Information ResourceThe Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR)
Freely availableUCSC Genome Browser: An IntroductionThe UCSC Genome Browser IntroductionUCSC Genome Browser
Freely availableUCSC Genome Browser: Custom Tracks and Table BrowserUCSC Genome Browser advanced topicsUCSC Genome Browser
Freely availableUCSC Genome Browser: The Additional ToolsAdditional tools at the UCSC Genome BrowserUCSC Genome Browser
Subscription requiredWormBaseMolecular and genetic information on Caenorhabditis elegans and related speciesWormBase
Subscription requiredZFINThe Zebrafish Information NetworkZFIN