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A Set of Bioinformatics Curriculums: Free Materials

OpenHelix offers these suggested curriculums on genomics and bioinformatics resources as possible lesson plans for use in course development and to help you get started on selecting which tutorials to view. They are offered free of charge and you can either develop the lecture materials yourself (Get a head start with materials sponsored by the resource providers), or access our prepared slides, scripts and exercises through a low-cost subscription. These curriculums can be used as a guide for individual instruction, a course, a segment of a larger course or as a seminar series.

Available Curriculums

General Introduction to Genomic Resourcesgeneral intrductionDownload PDF
Variation ResourcesThis curriculum describes the various variation resources.Download PDF

More about curriculums:

OpenHelix provides all the materials necessary to teach the use of the resources in these courses: PowerPoint slides with suggested lecture narration, handouts, exercises and an online prerecorded version of the lecture. These introductory materials provide specific instruction on how to use the databases: perform searches, understand displays, and access the data needed by researchers. Each class is designed to be approximately 50 minutes long. You may supplement this material with background and theory that you develop, or this can stand alone as an introduction to the resource. Most of these course materials are accessible by subscription though you can start with free materials sponsored by the resource providers.

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