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Find, Learn, and Deliver

the most relevant resource quickly and easily

OpenHelix searches hundreds of genomics resources, tutorial suites, and other material to deliver the most relevant resources in seconds. Search at OpenHelix saves time and effort--avoid massive generalized searches or hunting and pecking through lists of databases.  With a subscription, you'll be able to access all the OpenHelix training materials delivered in search results.

how to use the resource

Save time and money with a subscription to nearly 100 OpenHelix online tutorial suites:

  • you can independently, effectively and efficiently learn to use a resource.
  • you and your staff can save time for your critical needs by relying on OpenHelix tutorials to provide the introductory training on resources.
  • you and your institution saves time and money when teaching others by using the provided PowerPoint slides, suggested script, slide handouts, and exercises.

breakthrough research

More efficient use of the most relevant resources means quicker and more effective research. With a subscription, you and your institution can further enable breakthrough research. You can deliver OpenHelix tutorial suites within your already existing information portal or through the OpenHelix site.