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The Zebrafish Information Network

Tutorial and training materials by OpenHelix

Learn to use Zebrafish Information Network, or ZFIN, a collection of data, tools, and resources on the zebrafish (Danio rerio), a popular model organism for developmental biology and genetics research. ZFIN integrates genes, gene expression data, mutant genotypes, transgenic strains, and sequence analysis tools with links to additional genomic, educational, and community resources. ZFIN is an essential resource that serves as the zebrafish model organism database and provides a centralized web-based interface and community resource for the laboratory use of zebrafish.

You'll learn:

  • to perform effective searches and understand the displays
  • to access advanced searches enabling multifaceted queries
  • to use the various databases of genes and markers, expression data, mutant genotype/phenotype details, ontologies, and more
  • to investigate the many related resources associated with ZFIN


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More about the resource:

ZFIN is a collection of data, analysis tools, and links to other resources on the zebrafish (Danio rerio). The database is an excellent tool that will facilitate research on zebrafish as a model organism for the study of genes and interactions involved in development, and provide a model for human disease. Extensive data sets of zebrafish research information, such as detailed genotype and phenotype data and detailed expression data, including access to original journal figures, are maintained at ZFIN. Links to newsletters, online newsgroups, and community resources provide a wide range of information encompassing the practical care and handling of zebrafish stocks to all the way to current zebrafish research.

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