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OpenHelix Documentation

The goal of the OpenHelix (learn more About OpenHelix) is to enable biology researchers and students to find and use bioinformatics resources effectively and efficiently; to access training materials for use in classes and workshops; and to refresh one's understanding of useful tools. Movies, animated slides with scripts, handouts and exercises are all available to enhance understanding of bioinformatics software resources. The emphasis is on end-user training for bench biomedical researchers at this time.

OpenHelix™ tutorial suites are used in various ways, including:

★Researchers and students use the tutorial suites to learn how to use new or unfamiliar genomics resources they need as their work progresses, or review how to use these resources at any time.

★Faculty and Staff use the tutorial suites to keep abreast of new resources and technology, using the resource as an excellent staff training and career development tool.

★Faculty uses the tutorial suites to save significant time in creating classroom content and to augment in class learning.

Getting Started with OpenHelix:

You should be able to start performing searches and viewing free tutorials immediately. Check out the Quick Guide Cards for an overview. Soon registration will offer benefits such as favorite searches and stored search profile features. You may opt in or out to our periodic newsletter. If you are a subscriber, or believe that your institution subscribes to the tutorials collection, you may need to log in. A special Getting Started page will assist you with registered user and subscriber access.

 green icon.jpgFreely available or sponsored tutorial suites are indicated in green.

 red icon.jpgSubscriber-only tutorials are indicated in red. See the complete list of available tutorials here.

Using the OpenHelix search interface:

OpenHelix provides a simple search interface that will query our tutorial content, our blog, and related web sites to identify the appropriate resource for your needs. Simply type your text in the query box and click "Search" to submit the query. Broad searches for topics work best, such as SNPs, interaction, or pedigree or "copy number variation". Resource names are also effective, such as VISTA or GBrowse. The search is not designed to seek out information on specific genes--go to the resulting software resources for those types of queries. Results will be displayed over several pages that will offer suitable resources for your topic of interest. Results are shown as with context for the sentences in which the search words are located in various sources. For more details on the OpenHelix search strategies, please see the Search strategies documentation page. Currently our collection includes dozens of tutorial suites and hundreds of selected resource sites, and we will continue to add new suites and resources regularly.

You can also browse the whole collection as a list or grouped by categories.

Using the OpenHelix training suites:

OpenHelix materials consist of:

•an online, narrated, multi-media movie-style tutorial, which runs in just about any browser connected to the web, can be viewed from beginning to end or navigated using chapters and forward and backward sliders.

PowerPoint™ slides used as a basis for the tutorial with a suggested script for the slides that can be used by instructors in their classrooms

slide handouts for trainee note taking and reference, and exercises for hands-on experience with the tool

For more details on each of these components, or if you are having downloading problems, please see the OpenHelix Tutorial Suite Materials documentation.

About the narrated Online Tutorial: A new web browser window may open (you may need to turn off your "pop up blocker" to view tutorial), and your tutorial should begin to play both audio and video components. The online tutorials require Macromedia Flash™ software, which runs on many web browsers. If your tutorial is not playing with both video and sound, you may need to upgrade your software. The Flash Player is a free download from Adobe.

You can navigate the tutorial chapters with the menu on the left of the main tutorial window. You may use buttons at the bottom of the tutorial window to Play, Pause, Stop, or review material by using the slider.

 tutorial controls web.jpg

The materials and slides offered can not be resold or used for profit purposes. Reproduction, distribution and/or use is strictly limited to instructional purposes only and can not be used for for monetary gain or wide distribution.

Documentation Table of Contents:

Quick Guide Cards

Getting Started

OpenHelix Search

OpenHelix Tutorial Suite Materials

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