Complete Microbial Genomes is an extensive collection of data, resources and tools for prokaryotic genomic analysis brought to you by The National Center for Biotechnology Information, or NCBI. Data and tools are organized into three major tables, including Organism info, Complete genomes, and Genomes in progress. The Organism info table provides organism information for all the prokaryotic genomes that are either completely sequenced, have a draft assembly, or are not yet sequenced. Features described include kingdom, genome size, GC content, Gram stain reactivity, shape, motility, salinity and oxygen requirements, habitat, and disease details. The Complete genomes table describes, and links to, a variety of genomic details including GenBank and RefSeq records, as well as sequencing center information, and more. It also features many useful genomic analysis tools, including TaxMap, ProtTable, COG Table, BLAST, CDD search, GenePlot, TaxPlot and gMap, to name a few. The Genomes in progress table includes data for genomes that have whole genome shotgun draft assemblies, as well as no sequence as of yet.

Complete Microbial Genomes is part of the NCBIs Entrez Genome Project. NCBIs interlinked network of databases enables Complete Microbial Genomes to provide an unprecedented amount of links to explore the data you are interested in. You can easily pursue relevant details in Entrez Nucleotide, Entrez Protein and PubMed, as well as taxonomy features in the Taxonomy Browser, and genomic details in Entrez Genome. You can quickly access additional specific projects, such as the Metagenomic Projects, and other related NCBI databases, like Microbial Genomes Resources.

You will learn:

  • to understand, navigate and customize the Complete Microbial Genomes data
  • about the tools available for microbial genome analysis
  • how to access details about the microbial organisms included in this resource
  • to find more information about on-going microbial genome sequencing projects
  • how to locate additional resources for prokaryotic genome analysis


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