Learn to use NCBIs Viral Genomes resource, a web portal for exploring the sequences of completed virus genomes. Expert curators at NCBI condense thousands of nucleotide records into one reference sequence for each completed viral genome. These molecular standards make information easier to manage, as data now only needs to be associated with one unique RefSeq for each species. Explore viruses via taxonomy, genome sequences, or encoded proteins with analytical and visualization tools that make it easy to perform comparative studies. All Information at Viral Genomes is fully integrated with the other NCBI databases, such as GenBank, PubMed, and Taxonomy and links to other relevant, non-NCBI viral resources are also provided. Ideal for the student or scientist, this resource will provide the information you need about viral genomes.

You will learn:

  • search for virus information via species, genome sequences, taxonomy, and proteins
  • understand detailed summary reports about viral genomes
  • use analytical and visualization tools for comparative studies
  • navigate to additional NCBI and non-NCBI viral resources


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Genome Databases (prok + viral) : Genomic databases or repositories primarily aimed at prokaryotic or viral organisms. Some may contain eukaryotic data as well.

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